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I am Amin Afsharnaderi and I found faith in Jesus Christ in Iran in 2007 (1386 according to Persian calendar). Two years later I started my ministry in Tehran and other cities. In 2021, I started working with bibletunes – die Bibel im Ohr and began my ministry by producing and distributing Christian podcasts from the Bible in Farsi under the name „Kalameye-Hayat”. Currently, I live and work in Switzerland with my wife.

Most people have a false image of the Bible and thus, unfortunately, of God. But in Iran even having a bible can lead to a prison sentence. And a lot of Farsi speaking Christians around the globe have difficulties reading the bible in their language. So we want to help by providing an opportunity to listen to the bible for free, via our website or any podcast player available.

We read though a book of the bible verse by verse and through the impulses and thoughts, the respective Bible text read is briefly explained and made accessible. The impulses are deliberately kept simple and practical and not “highly theological”; they are intended to enable every listener to experience moments with the Bible and with God in the midst of everyday life.

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Mark 12:35-40

مدتی قبل بود عیسی از شاگردا پرسیده بود که مردم فکر میکنند من چه کسی هستم و پطرس از بین شاگردان گفت که تو، مسیح، پسر خدای زنده هستی. ولی اگه میخواست این موضوع رو به مردم و رهبران قوم نشان بده، چطور این باور اشتباه رو که…

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Book of Mark

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Publish date: 21/01/2022

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